Why Redbridge?

The team at Redbridge is a small extremely experienced group of people. You can communicate directly with the person making the complaint and your account manager will be the same person throughout the process.

Your claim will be handled by someone with at least 8 years of experience in Payday Loans and Claims Management. We have no call centre and work on providing a high-quality service to a controlled group of people.

We believe that given our experience, process and attitude we are able to provide a brilliant customer service experience. Of course, you do not have to use a Claims Management Company, you can make the claim directly against the lender yourself. Some lenders will encourage you to call them to resolve any issues you may, but we would strongly recommend NOT calling them as you will have no record of the conversation. We believe that having a "paper trail" is vital and will protect you if the lenders claims that the call never took place or there is a misunderstanding.  

We offer a true ‘No Win No Fee” service. You cancel anytime right up until an offer has been made without question.