Lending Stream Refunds

Making a successful Lending Stream refunds claim is slightly laborious and tricky. Lending Stream is one of the worst companies still left in the Payday Loan / High-Interest market place in the UK. They do not allow complaints via an email address and ignore all emails sent to the company from email addresses, even ones that are listed on the FCA website for complaints which is frankly outrageous.

In order to make a complaint, a customer has to complete an online form which does not allow them to attach or include details needed to make a proper complaint. Of course, this is a ploy my Lending Stream to totally control how complaints arrive with it and allow them to effectively block fully researched complaints from CMC's.

However, at Redbridge Finance we have found a way around Lending Streams amateur attempts to block real complaints from good CMC's. If you wish to learn more about the way we can help with Lending Stream Refunds, please click below.

When we make a Lending Stream refunds complaint we do it knowing that Lending Stream is going to totally ignore our complaint. We then wait for the required 8 weeks and then take the case to the FOS. We then find that quite quickly the FOS order Lending Stream to investigate the complaint and we get our intended result.

Lending Stream will normally issue a very long and detailed final response letter, but sadly they normally reject the case. But because we already have a case in the FOS for the Lending Stream Refunds complaint, the FOS will investigate the complaint much quicker than if we referred to the FOS in the normal way.