Wageday Advance

Wageday Advance are a trading name of CURO Transatlantic Limited and their trading address is

WageDayAdvance Ltd

Wellington Plaza

Wellington St

Leeds, LS1 4DL

The phone number for Wageday Advance is 0333 006 2000.

As a Claims Management Company, we find a number of lenders, who could be described as awkward. But one of the most awkward is definitely WageDayAdvance. They refuse to send their Final Response letter to us, they won't even send us a copy of it.

We have tried to work with Wagedayadvance and in particular their Compliance Department, but they refuse to enter into any form of discussion. We have asked them to just send a copy to us but they refuse. We are in the process of making a formal complaint to the FCA, who are their regulator, as we feel it is not treating customers fairly to refuse to send the Final Response letter to us.


Well, there are a couple of why’s to be answered. First, why do we want the Final Decision letter sent to us?

We want all communication to come to us for a couple of reasons, firstly the customer, when signing our Letter of Authority, had issued an instruction to Wage Day to send all communication to us and secondly, lenders will often provide a poor response and a low offer in the hope that the customer accepts the offer. If we are not sent a copy of the decision, we cannot check that the offer is fair and had been calculated correctly.

Why do they not send to us?

We believe, and of course, we may be wrong ;-) that they don’t send to us as they hope that the customer will accept the offer and not pay us. They are trying to make our lives as hard as possible as they see us as a threat.