Payday UK 

Payday UK is now no longer trading under that name. Their sister brand – The Money Shop has taken over all lending practices and Payday UK no longer operates online or via telephone. This may be due to the awful reviews and numerous complaints that they received while they were trading. 

Many people have complained about a wide variety of different things. From poor customer service to dodgy payday schedules, it is clear that a lot of people have something to say about the service that Payday UK is offering. It’s no wonder that they decided to stop trading under this name and instead have amalgamated with their sister company. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who were affected by the company and people who have had complaints made but not resolved. 

One customer made a complaint which they were told would be resolved within 8 weeks. After 8 weeks the customer had heard nothing from them so decided to contact them. The customer was then told that they would need more time. This was obviously upsetting and distressing for the customer, who believed that their complaint would have been resolved far quicker than this. When the customer phoned the customer service support team again, they were told that the complaint hadn’t been opened and no formal investigation had been logged. This obviously outraged and angered the customer who felt that they had been cheated and lied to. 

This is distressing to hear because the reason that people go to a payday lender is that they are in urgent need of some cash – for whatever reason. Because of this they are probably already worried and stressed out and would expect a payday lender to be sympathetic towards them. When faced with service like this, it is not acceptable because it means that people are likely to get more stressed. Financial services such as payday lenders should be there to help ease the worries and provide a service that people can trust, however, Payday UK obviously did not do this. 

There have been many more complaints from people who have claimed that the customer service support team are practically non-existent. This is because of the lack of support that they have received from them. Many people have claimed that they have had no answer to their phone calls or emails, and in some cases have even been hung up on. This is not an acceptable practice for any customer service team, let alone one who is dealing with sensitive issues such as money. On top of this, there has been a general view that the customer service team, when they have been able to get hold of someone, have been uncompassionate and sometimes just rude. 

There are also complaints that people who have been approved for loans have been kept waiting, even though they were promised a fast and easy decision and money very quickly. When payday lenders promise this, most of the people who use them will think that this is great because they can have some fast cash and get their problems over with sooner. So they decide to use this company. Then they find out that the money takes ages to come through and it’s too late to back out so they’re left between a rock and a hard place when all they wanted was for someone to help them during their difficult time. 

If you experienced bad treatment from Payday UK while they were still trading, then get in contact to see how we can help you. Even though they are now closed, there may still be something we can do for you.