247 Moneybox

247 Moneybox is an online payday lender, who promise to help you out of your financial troubles by offering easy and quick loans with affordable repayments. They aim to provide a more flexible way to solve short-term money problems and promise to be responsible lenders. They claim to be different from other lenders which have a ‘one size fits all’ model and want to customise and tailor each approach to suit the individual who is borrowing from them. 

However, many people have found that this isn’t the case at all. From poor customer service experiences to dodgy transactions and being charged double, there are many customers out there who have been left not only disappointed with the service that has been provided but often had their money troubles made worse by the very people they were going to for help. For a company that promises responsible lending, there sure is a lot of evidence to the contrary. 

A lot of customers have complained about being charged twice for certain things. For instance, one customer who settled up their loan early found that they charged the early repayment fee which was fine and acceptable. Except that they were charged it twice. While trying to contact the company to make them aware and ask for their money back they found that they weren’t able to get hold of them and felt that the company were avoiding their calls. This went on for over a week with the customer phoning and being advised to email but not receiving any replies to emails either. This is a horrible experience, considering that the company know this person has been struggling with money, they then take more away from them and do not seem to want to acknowledge the problem. 

Another really common problem with 247 Moneybox is that the customer service seems to have an awful reputation. Many customers have complained about being left on hold for a long time before hanging up because they weren’t getting anywhere. This is unacceptable behaviour from a company who is dealing with people who are probably struggling. Another complaint that has been made several times is that people who have registered formal complaints have had no recognition of this and so don’t even know if their complaint has been received or acknowledged. There is nothing to say that these customers’ complaints aren’t being thrown away and not being dealt with. We hope that’s not the case but when they aren’t getting back to people, it does make you wonder.

People who have managed to get through to customer services have found them to be unfriendly, unhelpful and in some cases just outright rude. People who have asked to speak to managers have been told that they can’t – when this is standard practice for all businesses. There have also been complaints that members of the customer service team have hung up on customers during calls, or have just not answered questions that they were explicitly asked. 

Another common complaint that has been made about this company is that people have been approved for a loan and then been left waiting for the money, sometimes up to a week. Considering that most people go and use this service because they are in desperate need of some money, this is not good practice. When people are left waiting it means that their situation can get more desperate and they could end up in more money troubles. This isn’t responsible lending because as a payday loan company they should understand that the people who have come to them have done so as an emergency. 

If you feel that you have been treated poorly by 247 Moneybox, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you. You aren’t the only one.