Do I need to use a Claims Management Company like Redbridge Finance?

You can make a complaint to any lender directly. If you are not happy about the outcome, you can ask for an independent review by the Financial Ombudsman Service free of charge. But you must do this within 6 months of the lenders decision.

So Why Redbridge?

We each have a minimum of 5 years experience in claims management, we offer really fair pricing with VAT included in our price, we have fair policies, we will not cave in, or give up when dealing with a difficult or aggressive lender. If the case is rejected we will take it to the FOS for you, all part of the service.

We do this because we want to help. It is not just a job to us. 

We will respond quickly and deal with your claim in a timely manner, we do not make false promises, or tell you that you have a solid case until we know the true position. 

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Amigo Loan Refunds

We are probably the most experienced Amigo Loan Refund Company in the UK.

We are seeing Amigo open previously declined complaints and change their decision and we are seeing about 90% of complaints upheld. Do not wait to make your complaint. It does not matter if the loans are old or current we can help.

When we make an Amigo Complaint we aim to get you a refund of all interest and changes paid, plus 8%. We have seen a massive drop off in upheld complaints in 2020. Most of our complaints have to be taken to the FOS, and while this add a lot of time to the complaint, the FOS tends to make fairer offers.

Amigo Refunds are often very large, with refunds of over £10,000 not unusual. We are happy to help you with existing or old loans, even ones that Amigo try and time bar!

Safety Net Credit Refunds

We find Safety Net Credit a difficult company to deal with. They appear to do everything they can to block complaints. They even expect a customer to visit their MP, a Doctor or an Accountant to have their ID verified!

We know how to get Safety Net Credit to accept complaints quickly and efficiently. However, Safety Net Credit will often go behind our backs and make small offers directly to customers in the hope they can avoid fully paying out. We feel that this is pretty insulting on the customer as it implies that Safety Net Credit think the customer can be easily bought off. We always ask customers, when we make a Safety Net Credit Refund Complaint, not to accept these small offers as we feel they are designed to kill off the complaint quickly and cheaply.

Lending Stream Refunds

Lending Stream try to block complaints by refusing to answer any emails and will not even acknowledge complaints submitted by email. 

When making a Lending Stream Refund Complaint we have a system that allows us to get around Lending Stream unwillingness to communicate in a responsible manner. This allows us to get fair and meaningful payouts for our customers from Lending Stream.

The process takes longer with Lending Stream than many lenders, but the end results from Lending Stream refund complaints tends to get great payouts for the customer.

UK Credit Refunds

Making UK Credit Refund Complaints is no different to most other lenders. The challenge with UK Credit is that they like to sending information in the post which can become frustrating. When they do send information by email, they like to encrypt the data (which is good), but they like to embed files in Excel which can be difficult to open. 

UK Credit Refunds are very similar to other Guarantor lenders, such as Amigo Loans. They seem to offer almost exactly the same amounts of money and they charge the same high interest rate.

Provident Refunds

Provident Complaints can be slow, very slow, but worth the wait. Provident is another lender that does everything it can to avoid complaints. It will only send out the Statement of Account, which we need before making a Provident Refund Complaint. They only send them to the customer and not to us. So the customer has to forward them onto us. When we make a complaint they will send out an email to the customer asking the customer to confirm that they did appoint us. They then will only send communication via the customer. This all gets very tedious when making a Provident complaint. Our average refund is £1,084 for a Provident complaint, so it is worth the effort.