Amigo Loans Complaints

Amigo Loans are the biggest guarantor loans company in the UK. They have many hundreds of thousand customers and like any loans company, they end up lending to some people who could not really afford the loan. even when it is an honest mistake, they are still in the wrong and should have checked properly to see if the customer, and guarantor, could afford the repayments.

If you had, or have, a loan with Amigo Loans, you can make a complaint if you feel that they did not do proper, or full checks before they lent to you. They should have made sure that the guarantor could afford to stand in and make payment should the need arise. It is no surprise that a lot of customers are making Amigo Loans Complaints given the way that Amigo lent money.

We can help you make the complaint and being a No Win No Fee company you take no risks. We only ask for our fee if you are actually sent money. If they write off a loan or outstanding debt, we do not expect to be paid on that money (not like most other claims companies).

We handle a lot of Amigo Loans Complaints and have a tried and trusted system and approach.